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Exceeding QIP Training

Developing a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) in Early Childhood services is a challenging task requiring much effort and dedication.

It can be overwhelming and difficult to motivate oneself to start the process due to no QIP training that is relevant or useful to you and your setting. However, attending a QIP Bootcamp can make this process much easier and enjoyable for Leaders and Owners of Early Childhood services.

Joining a QIP Training such as QIP bootcamp can help you regain control, reduce the workload, receive team support, develop a QIP with confidence, and bring back the confidence.

Attending QIP bootcamp is live and interactive, to allow you to ask as many questions as you like, but it also is recorded. The recording of your QIP training is located and stored in your personal login, where you can share the QIP Training with colleagues and revisit at a later date. 

2024 QIP Bootcamp Commences
Term 4 2024 
$379.55+gst one off payment
8 x $49.95+gst/w 
Mondays 7.00-8.30pm
  1. 8- weeks
  2. Monday evenings
  3. 7pm-8.30pm
  4. October 14th 2024
QIP Bootcamp

Many often choose the ACECQA QIP template  this optional QIP templateDOC , but did you know it’s not mandatory? That’s right, you have the freedom to choose the approach that works best for you. At the end of the day, what matters most is having the confidence to create a plan that truly reflects your organization’s goals and values. So go ahead, take charge and craft a unique QIP that showcases your strengths and sets you apart from the rest. You got this!





What the QIP PD is all about

QIP Bootcamp will provide access to: 

  • an online forum where you will be able to Network and collaborate with fellow Boot Camp participant

  • Discount on Group and individual Programs with Cassandra

    • Access to Tangible Resources 

QIP Bootcamp provides;  

Why QIP Bootcamp program? 

QIP Bootcamp, is QIP training that is specifically designed for Early Childhood, is an excellent platform that provides

  • innovative and thought-provoking content on Quality Improvement Plans.
  • It breaks down the complex QIP process into simple, easy-to-understand steps, ensuring that you no longer feel overwhelmed with the support of a dedicated mentor and motivator every step of the way,
  • QIP Bootcamp offers effective time management strategies and a realistic understanding of the QIP process, resulting in a great, usable QIP that can transform you, your team, and your centre.

The QIP Bootcamp for Early Childhood is a game-changing QIP training that offers an immersive and intensive experience.

  • It’s designed to provide sector leaders and managers with an exclusive opportunity to develop their services’ Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) in a collaborative, supportive, and stress-free environment.
  • By participating in this bootcamp, sector leaders and managers can enhance their knowledge and develop practical skills related to QIP writing.
  • The program enables participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of the three themes
  • The program is an intensive and immersive experience catapulting your Understanding of NQS  
  • Upon completion receive a SPROUTS completion certificate. 


At Sprouts you are part of a team and together we will ensure you reach your ultimate goal fast! 

Make planning fun and sign up to our popular, premium bootcamp! 



A QIP (Quality Improvement Plan) must:

  • include an assessment of the programs and practices at the service against the National Quality Standard and National Regulations
  • identify areas for improvement
  • include a statement about the service’s philosophy.

A QIP should also document and celebrate the service’s strengths. Read the Guide to the National Quality Framework for information on the self-assessment process and what is required.

2024 QIP Bootcamp Commences

Term 4 2024
Mondays 7.00-8.30pm

$379.55+gst one off payment


8 x $49.95+gst/w 

Receive your survival pack  

Link to your online learning portal

Link to the online Webinar where the weekly sessions will be held.

Our live online webinars have been operating since the beginning of 2020 and this mode of learning is ingrained in our business. 

Past QIP Bootcamp participants reviews

Highly recommend this course - I just completed it a few weeks ago. All online and because it’s 10 weeks there is plenty of time for discussion each week and you cover topics really well. It was so easy once Cassandra explained everything and she broke it down into pieces of information that were understandable and manageable
Owner of ECE services
I have completed the QIP bootcamp with SPROUTS and gained so much knowledge and quality information to creating a ongoing working QIP. I would recommend any supervisors, directors, educational leaders to complete this course.
Amanda Bain
Centre Director
(bootcamp)...reduce my stress and helped me manage my time better, leading to improved quality outcomes for my service.
Centre Director
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