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Mock A&R

Your compliance check done differently

Pre-Assessment and Rating Support

In 2024,  Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) will refine the assessment and rating process for national clarity and consistency.  The Improvement Plan (QIP) will need to be up to date and ready for submission at any point.

The notification period is now 1-5 days. Read more on it here

Our experts will support you and your team with all aspects of the A&R process. From conducting quality and compliance audits, development and review of your QIP or self-assessment and phone or face to face consultancy.


 Sprouts Consultancy are experts who provide a unique perspective on your centre.

With our in-depth A&R expertise, we ensure your centre’s continuous growth and development. 

We go beyond the generic advice that you may receive elsewhere. We provide tailored solutions to help you achieve the exceeding level you deserve. 

With our expert Early Childhood consultant, Cassandra, you can feel at ease and fully prepared prior to your A&R notice.

Let Sprouts empower your services through our proven methods, and enjoy witnessing your centre thrive from meeting to exceeding. Contact us for customized and practical strategies for fast growth and peak results.

Sprouts Consultancy reviews

How ready are you

Our Mock A&R audit will assist you in preparing for your A&R visit. We will conduct an audit using state and territory regulatory authority against the 7 quality areas of the National Quality Standard.

What we cover

  • Our Full Day Audit is a comprehensive assessment that covers all 7 quality areas of childcare service. We typically take a full day attending your service. Our consultant will be open to talk, discuss and ask any questions on the day. In addition, having a meeting with the Nominated Supervisor and Educational Leader. 
  • Once at the centre Cassandra will observe all interactions with children, families and each other to gain a comprehensive understanding of the service’s relationships. 
  • After the mock A&R assessment is completed, a detailed report that includes exactly what is seen, heard and discussed is sent with all recommendations for improvements and suggestions on how to achieve each one.

No generic, template advise from Sprouts Consultancy

Offering customised consultancy service that cater to all your needs, providing you with comprehensive solutions that cover all seven Quality areas and have you prepared for Assessment and Rating (A&R). 

Mock A&R comprehensive services was designed to help you and your team be confident in A&R and know you are providing the highest quality of education and care. We will always work within your Centre’s values, culture, and vision. 

Assessment and Rating (A&R) will be welcomed by you and your team after having our specialised Early Childhood Consultants by your side. 

Contact us today, and let us help you take the first step in transforming your space into a thriving, welcoming, and effective learning ecosystem for your children.

Mock A&R service ensures that every detail is kept in check with the highest level of quality for your center. Cassandra’s expertise guarantees the clear vision and the necessary attention to detail that your business seeks. 

The approach Sprouts Consultancy involves is a thorough that leaves nothing to chance, ensuring that every aspect of your center reaches its full potential. With us, you can wave goodbye to any uncertainties or blurred areas. You will be welcoming crystal clear direction today, tomorrow, and for Assessment and Rating. 

The methods used bring renewed enthusiasm and excitement to your centre. 

Cassandra Button- Early Childhood consultant
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