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Let's talk about your early childhood education needs. Schedule a free consultation with us to learn more and get your questions answered. We're here to help you reach your educational goals.
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Early Childhood Consultant, is it for you?

Are you in a leadership role, or just about to enter a leadership role?

We are the Early Childhood experts who, not only know how to help you, but we also understand you. We also have worked in the sector, but we live and breathe Early Childhood. You can be assured that our focus is on Early Childhood and nothing else.

Sprouts Consultancy supports the professional growth of early learning services through mentoring and consulting management and leaders. This enables them to develop the skills they require to meet the needs of their centre and community. Our highly-regarded mentoring service provides individual and group mentoring based on sound educational practice and specialist expertise.


We provide one-on-one Mentoring and QIP consulting sessions to support individual Managers, Nominated Supervisors, Educational leaders and emerging leaders to professionally progress.

Mentoring is available for Nominated Supervisors, Educational Leaders, and Room Leaders. We provide mentorship for all levels, whether you are new to the role or an experienced professional looking for help with goal-setting or a challenging aspect of your role.


Group mentoring can be beneficial for center teams who have a large center with several room leaders. We customize training to help educators implement new practices or a change to a practice. Our program can work for entire leadership teams and is also valuable for individual groups. We will work with you to design a mentoring program to support your team or individual Teacher.

Online or face-to-face

Sessions can take place over video call or face-to-face. They can range in length from as little as a 1-hour or extend across a 12-month training program. Our solutions are truly bespoke to meet your requirements. Additionally, a tailored resource supporting ongoing learning can be designed, featuring useful links to readings, videos, and other valuable resources that relate to the mentoring offered.

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Your Early Childhood Consultant expert

Contact us on 0493 150 522 or Our pricing is highly competitive. Money spent on professional development with Sprouts Consultancy can go towards Teacher NESA hours and be used from Preschool funding.

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Cassandra was so professional and helpful, I would 100% recommend her to anyone and will definitely do any further training I can with Sprouts. Thank you so much Cassandra.