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Networking for Early Childhood Teachers, Managers, Nominated Supervisors and Educational Leaders


Welcome to our ECE Network! As a leader in Early Childhood Service, you might feel like you’re doing it all alone. But worry not! You have a team of supportive peers who share your challenges and goals. We are here to offer you an encouraging space to share your experiences, gain advice, celebrate achievements, and learn from each other. Whether you need help with your role or want to support others in the field, we are here to give you the confidence boost you need. In our network group, you’ll find like-minded professionals who understand what you’re going through and can help you succeed in your career. Join us, and let’s take on the world of childcare together!

Support Network

Take a step towards personal growth, connect with like-minded people, and celebrate investing in yourself. Enjoy the journey and new possibilities.

Monthly Meet up

Second Wednesday of the month, 10.30 am

Skill builder

Every meeting we have a learning intent, with some having guest speakers. You will reflect, talk to the group and learn from what will be presented. Every meeting closes by you committing to On Action you will take away and implement.

The foundation for Growth is Networking

Networking can be incredibly empowering! It’s proven to be one of the most effective ways to feel connected and less alone. With the right approach, networking can provide endless opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals in Early Childhood. By building mutually beneficial relationships, you can gain valuable insights and access to exciting opportunities that may help you advance in your career.



Networking motivates and supports you in your professional journey. Expand your circle with like-minded individuals who can uplift you through challenges. Embrace connection and watch opportunities expand. Reach out, make connections, and embrace the possibilities. With positivity and a proactive attitude, anything is possible!

Exchange ideas

Share your valuable insights with the world. Networking with other childcare professionals is a great way to exchange ideas and build meaningful relationships that can support you throughout your career. Embrace the power of networking to gain new perspectives and achieve amazing things!

Improves your creative intellect

Aspirations and great innovations can occur, with the most simple interactions with one person can transform your thoughts and bring breakthrough ideas

Professional growth

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people helps achieve goals, grow, and opens doors. Everyone has something valuable to offer, so learn from and share experiences with your network. A supportive community leads to limitless achievement. Keep up the great work!


Networking is a powerful tool that opens doors to endless possibilities! It connects you with individuals who can provide you with unique opportunities, valuable knowledge, and insight. Building a strong network can empower you to achieve your dreams and overcome challenges. Remember that every connection counts, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and keep expanding your network!

Our Past Presenter

Experts in their field

As a Service leader, building connections and feeling confident in your teacher capacity are invaluable benefits of networking. 

We understand your role as a Nominated Supervisor or Approved Provider is demanding but by participating in a networking group, you’ll be able to overcome challenges and build strong relationships with others in similar roles. 

Seeking professional development and support from non-Early Childhood professionals can be difficult, making monthly networking invaluable. It’s a consistent opportunity to exchange ideas, problem-solve with peers, and feel valued. 

Each month, networking can help get you going, stay motivated, and continue pushing yourself to grow. By joining a networking group, you’ll have the opportunity to tap into the collective knowledge and resources of your peers in order to succeed.


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Second Wednesday of every Month 10.30am -12 pm

262 Camden Valley Way, Narellan 2567

Yes, please email or call 

Coffee and morning tea is supplied.

Rural Online Networking event coming soon

Absolutely. You can even create a alternate roster for you both. Shared membership might be more insightful and beneficial 

Yes, having a diverse range of skills, knowledge and expertise will be highly beneficial

Please come along, as this would be highly beneficial for you to have a strong connection and understanding of the centre 

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