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Keynote Services

Are you looking to inspire, motivate, and engage your audience? Look no further than Cassandra Button for your next keynote.

Our people centric presenter is an experienced keynote speaker who is always ready to bring her expertise, passion, and energy to any event around the world. Whether you’re hosting a corporate conference, a university symposium, or a community gathering, Cassandra will deliver a thought-provoking and memorable presentation that leaves a lasting impact on your audience.

With a wide range of topics and areas of expertise regarding Early Childhood, we can tailor our keynote speeches to meet the unique needs of your event. From leadership and management to Behaviour management and Quality Improvement plans, Cassnadra offers fresh insights and powerful strategies that will empower your audience to act on and support the goal you have set forth for your event.

Our keynote speaking service is more than just a lecture. Cassandra engages with your audience like no other, in turn sparking conversation and creating an atmosphere that encourages and fosters true change post event.

​Cassandra uses a host of speaking techniques and etiquette from compelling storytelling, solid humour, and real-world authentic examples to connect with your audience on a level that will leave them speaking about your event for weeks to come.

About our Founder

Meet Cassandra Button: A Trailblazer in Leadership and Early Childhood

From the vibrant floors of McDonald’s Australia to the Early Childhood corporations, our Founder and keynote speaker, Cassandra Button, is a paragon of leadership and operational ingenuity. Her journey, marked by relentless dedication and a flair for transforming challenges into triumphs, makes her an unparalleled voice in the realms of leadership development and organisational success.

Embarking on an Extraordinary Career Path

Cassandra starting at McDonald’s Australia. It was here that Cassandra developed a deep-seated passion for Policy, procedures, structure and leadership. Her rapid ascension through the ranks of crew member to Frontline Management is a testament to her innate ability to drive business success and operational efficiency.

After McDnald’s Cassandra went on to begin her career in Early Childhood, where she started off as a Additional needs support worker, all the way up to Nominated Supervisor. Her innovative approach and leadership prowess were further solidified When being a Nominated Supervisor, by acheiving high ACECQA ratings in her A&R.

The Sprouts affect: Cassandra Button

Why Cassandra Button?​

Cassandra isn’t just a speaker;  she’s an experience. Her insights are drawn from a rich tapestry of real-world experiences, making them both relatable and transformative. When Cassandra speaks, she doesn’t just share knowledge; she ignites a spark of change. With Cassandra, you’re not just attending a session; you’re embarking on a journey towards exceptional leadership and operational mastery.


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