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Walk and Talk




To Create a safe, comfortable and Friendly Mentoring Session for all


We can meet up in person or we both put our head phones in and discuss and reflect while on call and walking

When and Where

We agree on the time and set it in our diaries, where will be dependent: usually in Mount Annan Gardens if close by.


20% of the oxygen you breathe in is used by your brain to function. Increasing the amount of fresh air you have can provide greater clarity to the brain, promoting optimal function whilst helping you to think, focus and concentrate better. 


  • Hear a new and different perspective
  • Be provided Early Childhood Career advise
  • Have Real and engaging conversation within a safe space with a Early Childhood Mentor Specialist
  • You look after your health and well-being holistically 

Reach out today to book in your Mentoring Walk & Talk session