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The Future of Disconnect


16 Months on and the Government are still creating a divide and taking away the basic human desire, connection.

The more I reflect and think about how the whole Covid-19 as been dealt with, the more it brings heart break to me. It seems the advise is all about what you CANNOT do, and all of those things are human connection. The latest as it stands at the end of July 2021, several states all around Australia are in lockdown, and Sydney where several LGA residence are not allowed 5km from their home. This rips away connecting with friends, neighbors and Family.

Several of us will go to work, and even if you drag yourself there you actually know it’s good for you right. You get to have conversations with other people, get to have a laugh, but most importantly just get to be around others. Physically seeing other people can just boost your mood and headspace.

We are born wired for connection, it’s in our DNA, as strong of a need as food, water and shelter. If you look at a newborn baby, for unless babies successfully attach to their mother or father (significant adult) , they won’t be able to survive. This is because human infants are born completely helpless, so they are entirely reliant on their caregivers. A loving, secure relationship is literally a matter of life and death for babies.

Secure attachment causes the parts of your brain responsible for social and emotional development, communication, and relationships to grow and develop in the best way possible. This relationship becomes the foundation of your ability to connect with others in a healthy way, like empathy, understanding, love, and the ability to be responsive to others.

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Connection and attachments help us form strong, stable, loving relationships with friends, romantic partners and then towards our own children, which brings a sense of security and increase self-esteem. Where children are being locked up inside, refused to play with children, to laugh with others and also be ripped away of their rights to actually attend their school, it really does seem there is no bright light for them. Children learn how to form their strong relationships, how to be resilient in the school grounds and learn basic social norms when connecting with other children and adults. If children are not experiencing this, what will this mean for them in their future, and what will that mean for OUR future, because they are meant to be running the country.

If nothing else resonates, Connections also releases endorphins in your body that motivate you, give you energy, and make you feel happy. So if you or the children are not receiving this for such a long period of time, where is our future heading?

If you prefer strong facts and meaning then here are meanings of disconnect and connections from the Dictionary

Disconnect: The feeling or fact of being seperate from someone or something else, and not fitting well together or understanding each other – Cambridge Dictionary

Connection: people with whom one has social or professional contact or to whom one is related, especially those with influence and able to offer one help. Oxford Dictionary

Does this concern anyone else, or just me?

Written by Cassandra Button