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Bring that Step back

The Next Generation is your responsibility!

Does that scare you?

Are you willing to take on that challenge alone? Will having someone by your side bring you more comfort and reassurance that your on the right track and you are helping the next generation?

Being a Teacher in Early Childhood is the most challenging, frustrating and exhausting career path one could choose, however it is rewarding all at the same time. When choosing the Early Childhood career path, one does not choose it because of the excellent pay, and the amazing hours and the wonderful endless time you ‘work from home’. When you choose to be in Early Childhood, you choose this because you were drawn to it, you are natural in this industry and you want to make a difference to our future generation.

On a Daily basis children can drain so much energy out of you, that you feel so exhausted you question if you go on. Children can be continually on the go and have endless amount of energy that you can become frustrated and distant with the children and other educators. When you are a leader you have the added pressure from the parents, educators and management, which drains even more energy out of you, and it is hear why so many leave the industry.

Support Networks.

Don’t be another educator that leaves the industry due to burn out. Reflect. Have you ever thought as to why Children come into your world? Have you ever thought there is a reason to why this child is in my life, and why this child pushes my buttons? These are questions you should ask yourself when you are becoming emotionally drained by the children. There is always a reason as to why people come into your life and it is either for them to teach you something, or for you to teach them something.

children are not wanting to drain your energy, they don’t want to bring sadness to you, and they definitely don’t want you to be distant to the people that need you the most. Children can be loud, crazy and ‘not do the right thing’, but it is your job to teach them, to support them and give them that guidance they seek. But find why your reacting or feeling the way you do, as it may come down to them teaching you something about you, a hidden feeling, or be an emotional response from how your parents were when you were a child.

When you reflect and seek the answers, it is here where you can make a difference in your life, your well-being and to those who rely on you.

It is so crazy to think as leaders you are meant to bring in each and every day a full cup of energy and have it full all day. It sounds so far reach at times that you can bring this type of energy each and every day, but it is possible. Do you remember when you first started in the industry and you had the spring in your step, and were excited to go into work each day and make a difference to all those around you, and where you could collaborate with the other educators and parents. You would jump at the chance to bring forward your ideas because you just knew what you were talking about, you had the confidence. It seems a distant memory now though doesn’t it? You can get this feeling back, you still have that spring, you still love your work, however the spring just doesn’t jump as high at the moment because you have all the wrong support underneath and around you. You can get this spring to work at full capacity again, you can get that amazing sense of achievement and confidence back I promise, but just not alone, because as human beings we are not wired to do things by ourselves, we seek companionship, friendship and supporting relationship in every aspect of our lives. As humans though in this generation we fear to ask for help, we love giving out advise, we love being there for others and we tell those around us ‘call me if you need anything’. So don’t forget to take your own advice, and reach out to those who can relate to you, be your cheer squad and provide the proper support for your spring.