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Online Networking


Networking allows you to connect and broaden your professional support circle. It can be your saving grace through challenges. Know your not alone

Exchange ideas

You never can tell how much you actually know until you speak and listen to others. Networking will foster a trade of ideas and foster long term trusting relationships with those in the profession as you

Improves your creative intellect

Aspirations and great innovations can occur, with the most simple interactions with one person can transform your thoughts and bring breakthrough ideas

Professional growth

Surrounded by like minded professionals in the same industry as you will influence your growth and pave ways for higher opportunities.

Why Network

Networking allows you access to opportunities you might not be able to find on your own. Your network has the potential to provide you with insight into different thoughts, information and advice on how you can approach a challenge.

Building connections with other Service leaders and having a sense of affirmation in teacher capacity are immediate benefits participating in Networking

Like many Nominated Supervisors and Approved Providers, your are incredibly busy and getting to know others in the same role and to build strong relationships can be hard, but Networking group enables this process. 

Seeking one off professional Development, or support off non Early Childhood specific professionals makes it hard. Having a consistent Monthly Networking where you can bounce ideas with, seek answers off people that actually can help, and to feel valued are ones that will help you each and every month to get going, keep motivated and keep pushing your own self. 

Early Childhood Professionals

What does Wellness Wednesday network look like

For Covid reason’s we are starting online, allowing all Nominated Supervisors and Educational Leaders join no matter your location

In 2020 we are starting with online only:

First Wednesday of the Month @11am 

**If a evening time is much more suitable please reach out


Your choice on day or evening session

$5 for existing clients 

$39 for no commitment, book as you please

$29 for a 3 month commitment 

$19 for 6 Month commitment

Gst exclusive, prices are for per network attendance, if you choose to attend both add just $10 to the above price, except for existing Mentoring clients, you have unlimited. 

Early Childhood is a unique sector, with no one understanding the challenges faced daily except for those who work in it. 

Over the years Cassandra has noticed that her clients past and present would highly benefit from networking with one another also. She has developed this networking group to facilitate growth in mindset, growth in connections to others, and growth in knowledge. 


Networking is to learn, grow and know we are never alone. Each month there will be a agenda that Cassandra will follow so you know learning will occur each time. 

The agenda will be made up of Q&A from all members, a information session (this either be by Cassandra or a member) and time to just chat with other members. 

Wellness Wednesday Networking is designed to support Early Childhood Teachers. Contact Us

Choose Your committment

*Sign up before September 30th and get the whole of 2020 for $19


Per month


Per month


Per month

*Prices are for attendance of 1 session per month, where you would like to have unlimited add $10 to the package you choose. All prices are gst. exclusive. Where you choose a subscription, this will be direct debited out of your nominated account per month. Where you have chosen to commit, you will receive a welcome pack in the mail with some great goodies to keep. Groups are kept to a minimum as it’s not about fitting in as many as possible, it’s about providing the best networking opportunities as possible. Each school holidays a special edition networking will occur, no additional cost to those on a subsciption.