Goodbye, our Centres, Goodbye Family day care.

With the government’s announcement on Thursday that they are providing 1.6 billion dollars to support the Early Childhood Education and Care sector, parents are rejoicing knowing that their Early Learning Centre will remain open.

Let’s not celebrate too soon; here’s the catch. Many services will actually be worse off with this new package rather than the traditional CCS and ACCS that we have until Sunday.

That is if the transition to the new package goes smoothly. Centres who were not too worried are now buckling at the pressure and the costs associated with staying open during the pandemic.

Now costs aside we are also at risk of losing services because they’re not going to be staffed. Educators are feeling undervalued, unappreciated and unsafe. Having to now return to their essential role where social distancing is a laughable joke and their ability to source basic cleaning resources like soaps and gloves are being hindered let alone PPE.

Educators are now being told to not only put themselves at risk but their families. This choice isn’t sitting well with many Educators within the sector, with one educator even confirming their whole team discussed leaving the sector after today’s announcement. If we are expecting our educators to be essential; the least the government could do is put measures into place to ensure their safety.

Instead, the sector was thrown some money in a poorly executed package in the hope it would be ‘enough’ to get everyone through this tough time.

Parents don’t rejoice yet; your Early Learning Centre might be closer to closing than ever before.

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